• Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I re-order?

    If you're already a customer, simply send a text message with the time and day of the pick up to (214) 727-2339. We'll take care of the rest.

    Do you offer same day service?

    Same day service for wash and fold is $6 extra with a drop off deadline of 2 pm. We do not offer same day service on dry cleaning or pressed items.

    How and when are payments processed?

    We use Square for payment processing. We swipe your card when we deliver your clean clothes.


    NEW - You can now enroll in Feather Easy Pay for no hassle automatic payments which make pick up and delivery faster and easier, especially in buildings with a concierge. This service is only available to our repeat customers.


    NEW - We now accept payments via Venmo, Cash App, Zelle, Apple Pay, and PayPal.

    Do you accept cash or checks?

    We accept cash. We do not accept checks.

    How do I change my pick up or delivery time?

    Just send us a text or give us a call! This company is run by friendly people, not computers!

    (214) 727-2339.

    Can I leave my dirty clothes by the door for pick up?

    Yes. We can also leave clean clothes by the door so long as you are enrolled in Easy Pay. You can also leave them at the concierge if your building has one.

    Do you have drop off locations?

    Yes! Our store is NOW OPEN at 4819 Ross Ave. in Dallas.

    What if I'm not home when you arrive?

    No worries, we always send a text before we get on the road, you can simply text back to reschedule. If you have to leave for an emergency we can come back later.

    What if my clothes are damaged, lost, or stolen?

    We are very careful with your property. Nonetheless, we insure each order up to $200 if damaged, lost, or stolen while in our possession.

    What do you fold? What do you hang?

    If you select fold everything we fold everything. If you select hang outerwear, we hang collared shirts, long sleeve shirts, blouses, dresses, pants, and jeans. We still fold towels, underwear, socks, and t shirts. If you choose hang everything we hang t-shirts and sweats too.

    Do I need laundry bags?

    No. Just put your clothes in trash bags. Please do not use baskets as clothes may fall out during transportation.

    Should I separate my lights and darks?

    No. We'll do that.

    What should I separate?

    Please separate any dry cleaning and pressed items from normal laundry. Also, if you want certain items to be air dried (no dryer) please separate them.

    Is life too short to worry about laundry?